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Torba Monastery (Monastero di Torba)
Torba Monastery (Monastero di Torba)

Torba Monastery (Monastero di Torba)

The Torba Monastery (Monastero di Torba) is nestled in the woods near the Castelseprio Archaeological Park, and is part history and part legend.

Some of the structures date from the 5th century, when this was part of a Roman military post. A group of Benedictine nuns added the monastery to the existing buildings in the 8th century, and a small church was added in the 11th century. The site has been open to the public since 1986.

There are some wonderful frescoes visitors to see in the monastery buildings, some of which date from the 9th century. In one area, three “faceless nuns” can be seen - their figures remarkably well-preserved, but their faces completely devoid of paint. There are legends and stories about these figures, including that their gestures are sending a secret message or that the spirits of those three nuns still haunt the area.

Guided tours of the Torba Monastery are available with advance booking, or you can simply buy an entrance ticket and explore the site on your own.

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Torba, Via Stazione, Castelseprio

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