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Things to Do in Bern

Located along a scenic peninsula atop a towering plateau, the idyllic city of Bern is tucked between the Gurten and Bantiger mountains and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city’s lush and uneven landscape was formed by glacier movement during the Ice Age and a stroll through its rolling hills provides travelers with incredible views. (The best panoramic views can be found at the city’s Rose Garden, near the town’s center.)

Visitors to this historic town will find plenty of medieval influence in Bern’s ornate architecture. The Zytglogge clock tower—with moving puppets—and the 15th century Gothic cathedral are just two of the incredible structures that line the streets of this picturesque place. History and science lovers can also make a stop at Kramgasse 49, where the great Albert Einstein lived from 1903 to 1905. 
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Kleine Scheidegg
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This mountain pass in the Bernese Oberland may be best known as the starting point for the scenic Jungfrau Railway, but it's also a hiking hub: several trails from here offer stunning mountain views. From an elevation of more than 2,000 meters (6,560 feet), you can marvel at the peaks of Jungfrau and Mönch, and the stark Eiger North Face.

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Bern Cathedral (Bern Minster)
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Bern’s towering Gothic cathedral is a must-see for any visitor to the de-facto capital. Begun in 1421 and completed almost 500 years later, the structure’s ornate façade and detailed interior provide a glimpse of Switzerland’s cultural heritage. Its 330-foot (100-meter spire, the highest in Switzerland, affords panoramic views across the Aare peninsula.

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Thun Castle (Schloss Thun)
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With its original knights’ hall and Romanesque towers, 12th-century Thun Castle is among Switzerland’s best-preserved medieval landmarks. Now a national heritage site and museum, the hilltop fort offers immersive insight into the region’s far-reaching history, as well as panoramic views of Lake Thun and the Bernese Oberland beyond.

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Einstein House (Einsteinhaus)
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German-born Albert Einstein was undoubtedly one of Switzerland’s most famous immigrants. In this Bern apartment, the Nobel Prize winner developed many of his groundbreaking ideas, including the Theory of Relativity. Today, the restored residence functions as a museum, providing insight into the life and work of the world’s most famous physicist.

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This low mountain just south of Bern draws locals and tourists in search of a break from the city buzz. The 2,808-foot (856-meter summit is home to family-friendly attractions including a playground, a toboggan run, and the 75-foot (23-meter viewing tower, while hikers and bikers can depart on various routes that wind down through the Alpine foothills.

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Kambly Experience

Founded in 1910, Kambly has long been one of Switzerland’s most popular biscuit brands. At the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen, sweet-toothed visitors can explore a recreation of the first Kambly bakery, sample the brand’s 100-strong biscuit collection, or get hands-on experience baking and decorating, with kid-friendly classes running twice a week.

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